Who's CozyBuddy? You are wondering about this strange name, I'm sure!

Well, here you'll find some more infos about, but just think at your imaginative friend, the one you had when you were a child and you embraced when you were frightened or when you got sad!
I had one, and I remember that I also spoke to him! 
Cozy Buddy is part of this magic world, made of love and tenderness and we'd like to share it into a free mag!
The idea comes from two mothers, Simona and Marianna, who decided to create this free mag to share it with you!
We'll collect all the best creations and ideas from the web, and create a .pdf, free to be downloaded and shared!
If you want to introduce it to all your friends, you'll be able to share it too!
If you've some more questions or ideas just write us an email at 


Next to Simona and Marianna, also Fausto (Marianna's husband) helps us, standing our meetings, during which we only speak about kids' world!!! :-)

If you're wondering on how this mag works, well... we got contests, about special themes: this issue is dedicated to Kids Xmas , so just follow our 'rules' and join us!

'RULES' are here:
Today 22nd November 2011 we got 2 contests. 
The first is about Xmas Menu' for kids and second is about Xmas decorations.
First of all choose the one you prefer and rememebr that you can join also if you've no blog, just send us an email with pict of creation or recipe and something about u!

* leave a comment under this post with link to your creation, insert the banner into ypur post, linking it to this post.
* add the banner into your blog too, into the sideabar, linking it to this post, thanx! This will help us to make CozyBuddy much more know through the web.* all the creations we'll choose, will be recommende into the articles we'll write about so that you'll get visibility thorugh the web
* you can join with 2 creations or recipes each contest

Here you are the 2 banners:

Xmas Menu for Kids

Xmas Decos for Kids

Good Luck!

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